Wednesday of UL Green Week

1. Final Day of WEEE Recycling (anything with a plug or a battery, yes anything) at the SU Courtyard

2. Limerick Community Grocery Talk. 1pm KB1-15.

As part of the Green Week, we have invited Limerick Community Grocery founding members to give a brief talk on the new consumer cooperative.

  • The Limerick Community Grocery (LCG) is an urban grocery cooperative.  A consumer co-operative  owned and operated by the consumers for the benefit  of the consumers.  It is modelled, in part,  on the urban grocery co-op’s in the USA, the UK and Spain.
  • We believe urban co-operative enterprises have a key role to play in developing a more equitable Ireland – operating in a transparent, inclusive and non exploitative manner.
  • Trading for six months now,  LCG original membership of 19 has grown to 200, adding on average 5 new members per week
  • LCG are providing wholesome food at affordable prices, and aim to create sustainable & equitable employment.
  • As the Irish tax haven economy is slowly dismantled it will be replaced by more democratic forms of enterprise and the Limerick Community Grocery is spearheading that democratization.

To find out more, and be part of the change, you are cordially invited to the talk on Wednesday 2nd April at 1pm in KB1-15.

3. Invasive Species Removal. 2pm to 4pm Meet at Dromroe Village Hall.


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