Roof Garden Open Day

The UL Community Roofgarden has been in operation since November 2012 and is a co-operative effort between students and staff. As part of Green Week, the UL Community Roofgarden is issuing an open invite to join in our gardening session today and every Thursday at 1pm.  During this session there will be a workshop on planting potatoes and sowing salads led by the experienced market gardener Jim Cronin.

The Roofgarden is located on the D1 corridor in the main building.

You can get a better sense of how we work on our blog or If you would like to join the mailing list and stay informed of activities by email you can join the ITD mailing list ULCommunityRoofgarden.

2014-03-13 13.38.40

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2 Responses to Roof Garden Open Day

  1. Sounds excellent. Jim Cronin is a wonderful speaker and gardener. Attendees are sure to benefit greatly by attending this!

  2. Well done! Have you joined the community garden network where you might be able to avail of different supports? Looking forward to seeing more images as the garden develops 🙂

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