Green Trip to Italy

Tipperary Energy Agency is paying travel, food and accommodation costs for for a number of interested people to go to Italy and visit four green sites over 2 days:
1. “Insieme” a recycling and reuse cooperative in Vicenza,
2. a synergic garden in San Giuseppe di Cassola,
3. experts in self sufficiency in relation to domestic detergents, and
4. and a social farm Conca D’Oro in Bassano del Grappa practicing biological agriculture

TEA is inviting anyone interested to send a short paragraph detailing:
1. why they are interested,
2. what they currently do which makes them ideal candidates for this trip, and
3. what use would they make of the information and learning acquired on the trip.

The trip will depart from Ireland on Wednesday 8th October and arrive back on Friday 10th October 2014.
Submissions can use the template attached, or can just send a short paragraph by email to or by post to Vincent Carragher, TEA, Craft Granary, Cahir, Tipperary.
Deadline for submissions is Friday 29th august at 5pm.

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