Announcing the arrival of electric vehicle charge points at UL

As of 28th August 2015 UL can now boast two electric vehicle charge points. The charge points are located in the Foundation Car Park at the foot of the steps that lead to the Engineering Research Building.

Location of Ecars Spaces - Drawing2

How it all happened

Diarmuid Leahy (centre) a fourth year Electronic and Computer Engineering student supervised by Dr Tom Conway (far right) completes a feasibility study on the possibility of installing an electric vehicle charge point at UL with the cooperation of Dr Chris Fogarty Energy Manager – Buildings and Estates department (far left).

2014-03-28 14.02.06

Upon completion of the study the Building and Estates Department led the project to install the electric vehicle charge points.

A central location in the Foundation car park emerges as the preferred choice.

Location of ECar Spaces- Picture

Once all the paperwork is in order ESB Ecars contractors come on site to complete the installation.


A cable route is established and a conduit is installed.DSC_1541

Preparation for minipillar and charge points installation.DSC_1546

Minipillars and charge points installed.DSC_1625

Spaces are clearly marked.DSC_1710

Once the infrastructure is in place the final connections are made. DSC_1718


Picture showing the location of the electric vehicle charge points.DSC_1712

UL already has a customer: Paramedic Susan Speight (on site today for the graduations) poses for a picture with her electric vehicle – a Nissan Leaf.DSC_1731

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