UL staff and students plant trees on campus to mark National Tree Week

A number of Quercus Robur (pedunculate oak) and Malus (‘White Star’ Crab Apple) trees were planted on campus earlier this week to mark National Tree Week. Staff and students and alumni took part. A large turn-out from the UL Language Centre and in particular students from Hosei University (i.e. a partner Universtiy to UL) participated.

Robert Reidy (Director, Buildings and Estates) addressed those gathered an pointed out that the oak trees being planted should last for another 300 years!


Plenty of people were involved. Proceedings kicked off with Robert Reidy and Chris Fogarty planting the first tree.



Yuki (who described herself as a farmer’s daughter) takes advice from John O’Sullivan (Grounds Superintendent) before getting stuck in.



Hiato, Nao and Ankari planted oak trees whilst Pinto planted a Malus ‘White Star’ crab apple tree.



DSC_000001 (2)

Barbara Christie and Jennifer de Brun (Irish World Academy) planted oak trees side by side.



Dr Eoin McCann (centre) poses before getting down to work.


Michael Clancy brought his mother Mary along to plant a tree.


UL graduate Barry McGrath plants oak trees grown from locally collected acorns whilst his niece Lillian and nephew Hugo look on.

DSC_000001 (3)

Lillian, Aoife, Barry and Hugo take time out for a picture before commencing work.



Below – the finished job looks really well.








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