UL Smarter Travel Present at Annual NTA Smarter Travel Seminar


Seán Collins, University of Limerick Travel and Transport Coordinator, presenting on behalf of the UL Smarter Travel Team

The Annual National Smarter Travel Seminar took place on Thursday May 12th in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin. There were 85 people in attendance from various campuses and workplaces across the country. The title of this year’s seminar was Practical Measures to Increasing Wellbeing through Active Travel, with eight speakers invited to present on measures completed in their own campus or workplace.


Biddy O’Neill, the Department of Health

Splitting behavioural change into two simple categories, the speakers were divided into two panels, the first of whom presented in the morning, illustrating practical examples of promoting Self-Efficacy Enablers. Seán Collins presented a range of measures that have been implemented to promote Smarter Travel at the University of Limerick. UL is the National Smarter Travel Campus of Year which led to much interest in the presentations highlights. The afternoon presentations focused on illustrating practical examples of promoting Environmental Enablers.


Seán Collins, University of Limerick Travel and Transport Coordinator, presenting measures completed on UL Campus around the theme of ‘Self-Efficacy Enablers Supporting Active Travel’

Following the presentations all people present were encouraged to discuss, in a round-table format, what they had learned from the day. Attendees left the seminar with practical ideas that they might be able to implement in their own workplace or campus.


Round-table discussions

To see all of the presentations from the day click here:  http://www.smartertravelworkplaces.ie/resources-events/past-seminars/

This event was organised by the National Transport Authority’s Smarter Travel Campus Team.

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