UL Buildings and Estates top leader board in European Cycling Challenge 2016 in Limerick

A team of individuals largely made up of UL Buildings and Estates Staff were announced last week as Limerick’s top team in the European Cycling Challenge 2016. The team’s top three cyclists (Kieran Tuite, Liz Gabbett and Chris Fogarty) clocked up just shy of 1,000 urban km between them over the month long challenge – i.e. over quarter of the 3,800 km clocked up by the 110 participants registered in Limerick.

European Cycling Challenge 2016 Winners.JPGPictured left to right are John O’Neill, Kieran Tuite, Chris Fogarty , Seán Collins, Liz Gabbett and Ross Higgins.

Under the Best Cycling City category (as determined by the number of kilometers cycled per inhabitant of the city) Limerick (at 37 km per inhabitant) placed 40th out of the 52 participating cities. Limerick saw off competition from fairer weather destinations including Budapest (22 km/inhabitant), Barcelona (10 km/inhabitant),  and Naples (15 km/inhabitant).

The below image is a heat map of Limerick showing the most frequently cycled routes over the month long challenge which ran from 1st – 31st May 2016.

Limerick Heap Map 2016 Final

For more on this story please click on the below link:

UL Buildings and Estates leading the way in Limerick in the European Cycling Challenge

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