Sweet success: first crop of honey produced at UL apiary

Today  (11th October 2016) marked an important day for UL Apiary volunteers who presented a jar of honey from the first crop produced to UL President Prof Don Barry.

dsc_0033Pictured above are UL Apiary Volunteers Muireann McMahon, Dermot McInerney, Caoilinn Kennedy and Adam DeEyto

dsc_000001-7UL President Prof Don Barry (centre) pictured with Prof Emeritus Dr John Breen (advisor to the UL Apiary initiative), Dr Adam DeEyto (Coordinator of the UL Apiary), Mr Donal McHugh (expert beekeeper and adviser to the UL Apiary initiative) and Mr Robert Reidy (Director, Buildings and Estates)

ul_honeyA jar of honey produced at the UL Apiary

This initiative has had many supporters including retired members of staff (e.g. Prof John Breen), expert beekeepers (Frank Benson and Donal McHugh), Buildings and Estates (e.g. Robert Reidy, Pat O’Neill, John O’ Sullivan) and Dr Adam DeEyto (who coordinated the project). The Green Campus Committee is particularly proud of this project as it is felt it represents the essence of what Green Campus is about which is:

  • A partnership approach to environmental education – this project has seen both the Limerick and Banner Beekeeping Associations collaborating with academic and administrative staff here on campus as well as academic and administrative staff collaborating with each other.
  • Facilitating the campus community in making a meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability – at the heart of the The All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015 -2020 (published just last year) is to create an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive – in part through supporting beekeepers and raising awareness of pollinators and how to protect them.
  • Long term commitment to environmental sustainability. The apiary operates on an expert-led basis which ensures its ongoing continuity.

The UL Apiary Group welcomes new volunteers. To get involved please contact Adam.DeEyto@ul.ie

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 can be accessed at the following web address:

Click to access All-Ireland%20Pollinator%20Plan%202015-2020.pdf

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