UL Enviro Soc Bottle Collector @ SoUL Week Arts Festival


The UL Environmental Society finally unveiled their ‘ULPlastic Bottle Collector today as part of the SoUL Week Arts Festival. It is on display between 12 and 2 pm daily this week in the SU Courtyard, so please drop by to dispose of any bottles you may have lying around! This piece has attracted a lot of attention already and even got a visit from Wolfie who through in a few of his own plastic bottles!

This piece aims to create awareness around the theme of waste, highlighting the amount of plastic water bottles that are used and thrown away weekly on campus.


This project could not have been realised without the tremendous effort and a few long evenings contributed by members of the UL Environmental Society. A big congrats to the team for getting this amazing piece together in such a short amount of time. Tune in next week to see what we have planned to do with the bottles that are collected!..

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