Green-Schools Visit UL

The Munster Green-Schools Travel Team visited UL on Tuesday last, which is a particularly good day if sustainable travel is of interest.  The tour started with a visit to the UL Farmers Market where as usual the queue for the Bike Mechanic was long, but moving!  Buildings and Estates fund a free bike mechanic service for staff and students where only parts are paid for by service users.


Next, the group embarked on the UL Campus Bikes to view our orchard, apiary, solitary bee habitats, river meadow, invasive species management, recycling facilities and BREAM standard buildings.  There are a number of notable trees and species on the UL campus and the UL Flora & Fauna Trail shows the locations of many of these.


After lunch the group visited the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering to learn about projects on Green IT and Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment led by Colin Fitzpatrick.  Jude Sherry provided fascinating insight into the E-mining Project in conjunction with Castletroy College Secondary School.


Kate McMahon described her work on Greening IT systems in UL, the outcomes of this research can be applied to almost every organisation.  Yvonne Ryan helped the Green-Schools officers navigate access to scientific sources as well as providing an up-date on waste electronics management in Ireland and new EU targets. Green-Schools officers facilitate environmental education in schools and serve as inspiration and encouragement for many of the students involved in Green-Campus and EnviroSoc.

(Article and pictures courtesy of Yvonne Ryan)

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