Riverbank Cleanup 2019 takes place along banks of River Shannon at UL

Saturday last, 30th March, saw approximately 100 people on foot and 22 people in Kayaks show up to complete UL’s annual cleanup along the riverbank.

The event itself was organised by the UL Environmental Committee and enjoyed support from a wide range of groups both within and external to UL including:

  • UL Environmental Committee
  • Limerick Riverpath Volunteers
  • Limerick Academy & Scouts Kayaking Club
  • UL Student Life
  • UL Kayaking Club
  • UL Environmental Society
  • UL Buildings and Estates
  • UL Green Campus
  • UL Staff
  • UL Students
  • Team Limerick Cleanup

Volunteers from the Limerick Academy & Scouts Kayaking ClubLACS Riverbank Cleanup 2019 Better

Some of the people who cleaned the Riverbank on foot…On Foot 1

On Foot 6

It was a family friendly event with many people showing up with their kids:


The usual mix of unusual waste was collected including election posters, car bumpers and unidentified WEEE.


UL’s own UL Kayaking Club also turned up in force to clean the islands and along the riverbank.

Kayakers Cleaning Up




At the end of the 2 hour cleanup this much waste was collected! [tonnage will be inserted at a later date once it its known]





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