Reducing single-use plastic waste at UL through the provision of water bottle filling stations

The Green Campus Committee is pleased to announce that 13 new water bottle filling stations dotted throughout the campus will be ready in time for the start of the academic term. These are set to dramatically reduce single-use plastic waste on campus by providing chilled and filtered water at no cost.

Four similar water bottle filling stations located in the library extension have already dispensed 410,000 fills over a 9 month period.

Reducing Single Use Plastic Waste at UL

Watch out for these new water bottle filling stations at the following locations:

  • Analog Devices Building – Level G Lobby
  • Analog Devices Building – Level 2 Lobby
  • Main Building Block B Level 1 Canteen – East
  • Main Building Block B Level 1 Canteen – West
  • EGO-10 (at Main Reception side)
  • Languages Building – Lobby
  • Health Sciences Building – Lobby
  • Irish World Academy – Lobby (adjacent to café)
  • GEMS  – Lobby (at seating area)
  • Computer Sciences Building – lobby (opposite café)
  • Schuman Building – Ground Floor (South)
  • Kemmy Business School – Lobby
  • Physical Education and Sports Sciences Building (near café)

The original idea to install water bottle refilling stations came from the Environmental Society (exclusively made up of students) who presented their idea to the Green Campus Committee. Once funding became available (via the HEA Educational Sustainable Development Fund) UL Buildings and Estates teamed up with the Education Procurement Service, UL Procurement and Student Life to complete the project (Student Life advised on the locations for water bottle filling stations that would most benefit students).

The Green Campus Committee would like to acknowledge the following:

  • HEA National Strategy for Educational Sustainable Development Fund
  • Buildings and Estates
  • Environmental Society
  • Student Life
  • Education Procurement Service
  • UL Procurement
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