Smarter Travel Workplaces National Step Challenge 2017

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The UL Lunchtime Walks Series has been in full swing over the last week as part of the Smarter Travel Workplaces Step Challenge 2017! With over a dozen UL teams participating, almost one million steps have been clocked altogether in the first week alone! Fingers crossed one of our UL teams might win the national prize again at the end of the month!

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UL Environmental Society – Clubs and Societies’ Semester 1 Recruitment Drive – 6th Sept. 2017


UL Enviro Soc kicked off the new semester by setting up a stall at the Clubs and Societies’ Semester 1 Recruitment Drive. Over 35 different clubs and society stalls were present for the event which took place at the UL Sports Arena. Society President, Criostóir King, Vice President, Kate McMahon, PRO, Nicole Glennon, and Events, Ariadne Bazaldua, prepared and manned the stall, meeting and greeting students interested in becoming members of the society. Over the course of the event they managed to sign up 40 new members! Special thanks to the team for their tremendous effort made over the course of the day.

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UL Smarter Travel Semester Start Events – Sept. 2017

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UL Smarter Travel has been busy over the last few weeks running various events and initiatives to kick off the new semester! Orientation week saw thousands of new students brought to the Smarter Travel stall where everyone learned about the great smarter travel services and facilities that are available. Bike sales and repairs were also on offer at the stall.

The UL Journey Planner and 7 Tips For Cycling in UL leaflets were included in all freshers welcome packs, illustrating all the basic essential information for the main Smarter Travel modes on campus. The SU Student Diary included further various information.

As part of the semester start bike sales, St. Mary’s Aid Charity arrived to campus offering refurbished second hand bikes at extremely reasonable prices for students. While the stall was due to set up from 10am on Wednesday in the Main Plaza, a surge of students begun queuing in the plaza from 9:30am to get a place in line. As the St. Marys Aid delivery van arrived near the plaza at 9:50am awaiting the barrier to be removed to allow access to the plaza, the surge of students swarmed the van and the stock of over 35 bikes were sold before they could move any further!

In conjunction with the First Seven Weeks’ Week 1 theme of Getting Around Campus, a campus bike tour was organised highlighting some important landmarks across the campus including various historical information. The tour ended at the UL Clubs and Societies’ recruitment drive.

2017-09-06 15.44.59 rev2

Our UL Bike Mechanic, Gary Sheehan Mobile Repairs, also returned to provide the weekly free bike mechanic service in the SU Courtyard where he fixes approximately 70 bikes per day.


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UL Waste Management Pilot

As part of the ongoing work being done to develop a high quality waste management process on campus, it was decided to pilot a fully thought out waste management process in the Kemmy Business School Building and the adjoining Schuman Building. The aim of this pilot was to ensure that all steps of the waste process are addressed, starting from waste points of entry into bins on public corridors and in staff offices, and UL cleaning staff removing internal bin waste out into external bin compounds. It was envisaged that once a full strategy was developed and agreed on this self-contained and manageable pilot site, this process would then in turn be rolled out in all buildings across campus.

To read a a comprehensive report on the development of this ongoing process click the following hyperlink:

The Development of a high quality waste management process_

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Beat the Street Walking Challenge comes to Limerick

Click on the below image for more information…

Beat the Street Limerick

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UL Enviro Soc Nominated For Two National BICS Awards

2017-04-11 10.37.06

As a result of their outstanding work achieved over the last year, the UL Environmental Society has been nominated to represent UL at the National BICS Awards (The Board of Irish College Socities) under the following two categories: Best New Society, and Best Publicity Campaign.

As part of the submission to the awards, the society put together a portfolio which included a selection of images and text describing their work completed over the last year. To view an online version of this portfolio please click here.

2017-04-10 16.43.53

The national awards ceremony will take place this Thursday, April 13th, in Athlone. All shortlisted societies from across the country in various categories will be in attendance where the award winners will be announced. Fingers crossed that our Enviro Soc members might come away with some silverware!

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UL Smarter Travel Student Media Awards 2017


Overall winners of the video/animation cateogry: UL students, Donal Kearns (left), and Patryk Lewandowski (right), with UL Travel & Transport Coordinator, Seán Collins (centre)


The third annual National Smarter Travel Student Media Awards ceremony took place on Thursday April 6th, at the Belltable Theatre, Limerick. As part of the awards, students from across the country were encouraged to submit entries promoting Smarter Travel through various forms of media: text, graphics, video, interactive content, animation and audio.

The event consisted of screening all student submissions under three categories: a slideshow of all poster entries, a compilation of all video entries, and a compilation of all audio entries. First, second and third place prize winners for each category were announced following each category screening.


Second place winners of the video category: Robert O Connor and Louise Berg

UL Environmental Society member, Carmen Vitour,  with Donal Kearns and Patryk Lewandowski, were awarded 1st place in the video category. Entitled ‘Yours Skatefully’, their video highlights skateboarding as being a great form of active Smarter Travel that doesn’t receive as much publicity in comparison to walking and cycling.

Another UL Environmental Society member, Louise Berg and Robert O Connor were awarded 2nd place in the video category for their beautiful animation entitled ‘Smarter Travel with Billy’, about Billy who decides to convert to sustainable travel.

To see the winning entries click here.


UL attendees (L-R): Louise Berg, Ross Higgins, Ariadne Bazaldua, Patryk Lewandowski, Robert O Connor, Seán Collins, Jenny Joyce, Donal Kearns and Kate McMahon

This event was organised by the National Transport Authority’s Smarter Travel Campus programme.

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