UL Woodland Management Programme

We operate an ongoing best practice woodland management programme. As part of our woodland management we coppice willow and other aggressive fast growing species that can dominate and take over a woodland environment. We need to offer the opportunity for trees such as oak to develop and mature. These works are essential to reduce dense vegetation, break up vegetation mats and open up ground layer vegetation. This benefits tree regeneration and increases the variety of vegetation types and associated invertebrates and birds.

Coppicing completed on the North Bank recentlyIMG_2885

We have planted numerous native pollinator friendly trees such as crab apple (Malus sylvestris) their value to wild life is immense. The leaves are food for the caterpillars of many moths, including the eyed hawk-moth. The flowers provide an important source of early pollen and nectar for insects, particularly bees, and the fruit is eaten by birds, including blackbirds, thrushes and crows. Mammals, including mice, voles, foxes and badgers also eat crab apple fruit.

One of many crab apple trees (Malus sylvestris) planted to the rear of Dromroe Village


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The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) visits UL

Yesterday, Tuesday March 26th, members of the UL Green Campus Committee, UL Environment Committee and UL Environmental Society were delighted to host a visit from Pramod Kumar Sharma, Senior Director of Education at the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Pramod was accompanied by An Taisce’s Green-Campus Manager for Ireland Dara Dever.

Tuesday is always a great day to visit UL as the Student Life courtyard is always buzzing with the Farmers Market and the free bike mechanic. Pramod was taken on a sustainability tour of UL which took in the Farmers Market, water bottle refill stations, waste management facilities, the Bernal Courtyard, UL’s arboretum and protected heronry, the UL Orchard, Electric Vehicle charge-points, secured covered bicycle parking hubs, replanted trees site, Riverbank clean up meeting point (taking place on Saturday next 30th March), UL’s special area of conservation (which includes a riparian woodland), UL Apiary, bat roosting and mining bee habitats,  site of trees planted by UL students and staff, Dromroe Village food sharing and bring-your-own cup station, installed bird boxes and the UL Roof Garden. Part of the tour was competed on fleet bikes which are available to students to loan from free from UL’s Smarter Travel office (email smartertravel@ul.ie)

Pramod presenting UL with their Green-Campus accreditation 20190326_161351


Laura in Dromroe Village gave a fascinating insight into the sustainability initiatives which run in all UL student villages.


All student villages offer free tea and coffee. The catch is you need to bring your own cup. The thinking is that students get a free hot drink first thing in the morning and then have their cup with them for the rest of the day.

The free tea/coffee station at Dromroe Village20190326_153345

Pramod meeting the Director, Buildings and Estates, UL.20190326_160456

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UL Riverbank Clean Up Saturday March 30th, 11am – 1pm UL Boathouse

A Riverbank Cleanup will take place this Saturday coming 30th March. The meeting point is the UL Boathouse at 11am.


For more on how last year’s event went, please click here

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Nature walk takes place at UL

Over 30 people turned up at lunchtime today to hear Seán Hartigan give a nature walk and talk along the riverbank at UL. Seán was ably assisted by moth expert Albert Nolan.

The Cuckooflower or ‘Lady’s-Smock’ (centre) was spotted to the west of the PESS building.



A mining bee emerged as the tour group passed by.



Daubenton’s and pippistrelle bats are known to roost to the rear of Dromroe Village.


The seven-spot (Coccinella septempunctata) was observed resting on a nettle.

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UL Nature Walk , 25th March 2019, 1.05pm (starts from front of PESS)

In advance of our Annual River Bank Clean Up, UL EnviroCom are delighted to host a Lunch Time Nature Walk and Talk with local Naturalist Seán Hartigan on

Monday March 25th  at 13:05

Our start point is the front steps of the PESS Building at 13:05 sharp, please dress appropriately for the walk and potential weather conditions.

The route will be downstream towards Dromroe village.  If you are running late please feel free to join in along the way!


lunchtime walk 25-03-2019

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Free WEEE collection event at Castletroy College, this Saturday March 2nd from 10am until 4pm

E mining

As part of the KIC Raw Materials Project “E-Mining@School”, 2nd year students from Castletroy College are competing with schools across Europe to collect the most WEEE within their community.

To do this they have organised a free WEEE collection event at Castletroy College, this Saturday March 2nd from 10am until 4pm.

Please support it by bringing your old electrical and electronics items for recycling.

What can you recycle for free?

Large Domestic Appliances – Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cookers, Dryers

Cooling Appliances – Fridges, Freezers, Other cooling equipment

Displays – CRT, LCD, Plasma, TVs and monitors

Small Domestic Appliances- Keyboards, Toasters, Tools, Toys, Cables, Lamps, DVD players, etc…

Gas Discharge Lamps – Fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps etc…

Batteries – Rechargeable & Single Use


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Green-Schools Visit UL

The Munster Green-Schools Travel Team visited UL on Tuesday last, which is a particularly good day if sustainable travel is of interest.  The tour started with a visit to the UL Farmers Market where as usual the queue for the Bike Mechanic was long, but moving!  Buildings and Estates fund a free bike mechanic service for staff and students where only parts are paid for by service users.


Next, the group embarked on the UL Campus Bikes to view our orchard, apiary, solitary bee habitats, river meadow, invasive species management, recycling facilities and BREAM standard buildings.  There are a number of notable trees and species on the UL campus and the UL Flora & Fauna Trail shows the locations of many of these.


After lunch the group visited the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering to learn about projects on Green IT and Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment led by Colin Fitzpatrick.  Jude Sherry provided fascinating insight into the E-mining Project in conjunction with Castletroy College Secondary School.


Kate McMahon described her work on Greening IT systems in UL, the outcomes of this research can be applied to almost every organisation.  Yvonne Ryan helped the Green-Schools officers navigate access to scientific sources as well as providing an up-date on waste electronics management in Ireland and new EU targets. Green-Schools officers facilitate environmental education in schools and serve as inspiration and encouragement for many of the students involved in Green-Campus and EnviroSoc.

(Article and pictures courtesy of Yvonne Ryan)

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