What is Green Campus about?

Green Campus rewards long term commitment to continuous environmental improvement from the campus community. Green Campus status is achieved by making significant progress in cross campus community collaboration under one or a number of the following themes:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Travel and Transport
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste

In September 2015 UL was awarded Green Campus status under the following themes :

  • Energy
  • Travel and Transport
  • Biodiversity


More about Green Campus

Green-Campus aims to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of a college. The Green Campus initiative mirrors the principles of Green-Schools and endeavours to extend learning beyond the  lecture theater to develop responsible attitudes and commitment to the environment, both at home and in the wider community.  The Green-Campus Programme is managed in Ireland by An Taisce on behalf of the Foundation for Environmental Education.

The Green-Campus Programme encourages a partnership approach to environmental management in third level institutions.  This is an enhancement of traditional environmental management systems which tend to be management driven.  The Green-Campus Programme identifies the campus as a community and places significant importance on the inclusion of all sectors of the campus community in its environmental management and enhancement.  It must be noted that the Green-Campus Programme does not reward specific environmental projects or implementation of a new technology instead it rewards long term commitment to continuous improvement from the campus community in question.  In order for a Campus to qualify for the Green-Campus Award a committee representative of the campus community must be formed.  This committee must then register its intent to implement the Green-Campus Programme with the Environmental Education Unit at An Tasice.  Committees must be registered for a minimum of one academic year and have successfully implemented all seven steps of the programme before applying for the Award.  The seven steps of the programme are: establishing a Green-Campus committee incorporating student and staff representatives, undertaking an environmental review, implementing an action plan, monitoring and evaluating actions carried out, linking the programme to curriculum work, informing and involving the campus and wider community, and developing a green charter.

1 Response to What is Green Campus about?

  1. We are Deemed university in rural India. We implement many eco friendly initiatives like environmental studies as additional Subject at undergraduate level .solar roofs water heating system for hostels. PACS system in radiology department to reduce use of harmful chemicals for printing x rays .Green trees all over campus. recycling of waste

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